ThiSong video

So I’m quietly surfing the net one friday evening (yes yes… I know!) in darkest january. When my ole pal from EFC Bjarke de Koning logs in on messenger. Turns out he really likes the mymusik tribute song I wrote called ‘ThiSong’ and wants to do a quick music video, in between making his documentary film Painting Love

I’m a bit adverse to music videos, because they mostly all suck (especially all those clever flash animated ones by indie bands!) and the media itself has contributed no small part to music becoming a lifestyle accessory.

This I try to explain, while Bjarke tries to get me along on the idea. He even trots over to my place in order to brainstorm ideas, despite the lateness of the evening. The man has energy!

While bouncing ideas around, at one point I say “Well, that’s just kind of embarassing and awkward! If we want to do something embarassing and awkward, we should make it REALLY embarassing and awkward by just filming me walking the round streets with my guitar, playing to random people!!”.

“That’s great!!” comes the reply…. a little voice in my heard screams ‘crap’. I spend the next hour trying to wriggle my way out of this. Until Bjarke says “If this is really something you’re afraid to do,… then that is the best reason to do it”. An arguement from the same family tree as; ‘i double dare you!’. But it’s perfectly true. So what we did was

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5 Responses to ThiSong video

  1. Rasmus says:

    This song is so lovely ironic that I must cry happy hippo tears, and the idea of playing a song for random people is so damn great. It’s like music video dogme or music video docu-soup – a whole new genre! Coolness and street-cred from ThisGuy.

  2. Gaz says:

    Ahh, the people of Copenhagen are so nice aren’t they! Try pulling that stunt in London and chances are you will get more than a few F*** Off’s. Like the song too, despite its brevity.

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  4. Ida says:

    I have got big time hangovers but watching this lovely video made me happy again! Thankyou

  5. kmj says:

    ..sophisticated idea
    …seems the crowd was not embarrassed
    …..neither am I
    ……..and I am your Dad

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