Playing music by listening

I’ve just discoverd something FANTASTIC!!! Listening to two songs at the same time… ‘Yeah whatever’ I hear you say, ‘Dj’s have been doing that for, like… ever dude. You should get out more Martin’. But no… What I mean is playing two semi-randomly selected songs simultaneously.

I select 2 or 3 artists on my iTunes (preferably ones who has produced a lot of albums), switch on shuffle, while also turning on’s Recommendations Radio. Then sit back and let the sound collage magically unfold. Sure sometimes it’s pure cacophanous chaos, but other times it’s maddeningly beautiful.

List of collages that worked amazingly well (click the play buttons):

Arvo Part + Labradford

Coco Rosie + Inch Time

Sonic Youth + Philip Glass

A Silver Mt. Zion + Rumpistol

Steve Reich + Typecast (podcast from Type Records)

Fourtet + with nearly anything!

The Magnetic Fields + TrenteMøller

This is like discovering an entirely new form of cooking by randomly trying to eat things and yet not get killed. Strangely delicious.

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2 Responses to Playing music by listening

  1. Rasmus says:

    You should get more out Martin! ;o) Hehe, I like the concept. I have one as well: Billie Holliday + khonnor (no special songs, every song works).

  2. kmj says:

    ..that huge tablelamp in Malmoe is waste of coalfired ernrtgy..
    ….who are in that picture?
    …is it you Martin?

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