Blue Skies

Blue skies are crawling along
and I can see them all from my window
it’s all good, yeah it’s all good

horizons are opening up
this you might not see
coz it’s so damn slow

lady you’ve got me all wrong
I might want to carry you on
a journey through the stars
behind the heavens

behind the evergreens
there is a message screen
it will tell you what to with your dark days
bouncing along on the wisdom of trees
don’t you worry they always know best


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4 Responses to Blue Skies

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  2. Rasmus says:

    Holy Guacamole, this song is great! Notice the rather subtle banjoline playing… ;o)

  3. kmj says:

    good tune and melody
    ..text/lyrics perhaps even better

  4. Martin says:

    Thanks Dad… good to know that you have learned how to use the comment function

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