Kyma or Quarry

One of these samples is a field recording I did in a small rock quarry in Småland… and the other sample is done in Kyma. I think that I did an ok job of imitating it, probably needs a bit more work to be entirely convincing.


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3 Responses to Kyma or Quarry

  1. Haukur says:

    Now lets see. The first one is a recording of you jumping into a bathtub with the Kyma duct taped to your back. The second one is the Smallland field recording.

  2. Martin says:

    Yep, that is exactly the right answer!.. the ‘art’ lies in the amount of water in the tub as well as varying states of undress…

  3. kmj says:

    kyma 1 being the better one.
    kymo 2 …all that water and no whiiiiiiiiiiskey..

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