Lannaskede Church and Kleva Gruva Mine

While visiting Sofia’s parents I got to do a little sightseeing around Småland. Firstly Sofia’s mom, Sonia drove us out to Lannaskede Church. Among the oldest catholic church in Sweden it dates from around the 11th century. Of special note is the church organ which is build in 1775.

Using my new Zoom H4 recorder, I captured Sofia and Sonia playing a swedish folk song… as well as some very out of tune pipes for a sample instrument in Kontakt.
Swedish folk song in Lannaskede Kyrka

Then later that afternoon Sofia’s dad, Karl Erik drove us out to Kleva Gruva, a mine started in 1691.

Again the Zoom H4 came in handy, gettting some nice ambiences (with reverbed drips and tourist family) and adding another impulse response to my convolution reverb collection.

Kleva Gruva, a mine

…. and just for fun I time-stretched bit of ambience by a factor of 10 caveMineStrechedSound

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1 Response to Lannaskede Church and Kleva Gruva Mine

  1. Rasmus says:

    Sounds terrific that folk song! Very mellow and dramatic as the swedish mountains!

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