Atlastop at Tjilipop Cafe in Copenhagen

Four songs recorded live from the mixer output at TjiliPop Cafe. In cronological order…





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4 Responses to Atlastop at Tjilipop Cafe in Copenhagen

  1. Haukur says:

    The summer lovin cover is fantastic.
    I summer love it!

  2. Martin says:

    Yeah, it turned out ok semi-improvised. Even got that vocoder working

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  4. britta maeder says:

    hi martin,

    was in a hk nostalgic mood and found your web site, very cool!! in case you don’t remember: old bus comerades? jakob our bus driver?
    i’m currently in berlin studying to become a vet… and loving it!
    checked out your flickr pics! great photos, wanting me to go to sweden tout de suite…will be in norway over new years. frist time, see how that goes.
    is sweden best in summer time?
    take care

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