Atlastop at Vesterbro Festival audio

Eventhough we were officially called Alastop (sans the first ‘t’) on the festival calender, we convinced the check-in guy at the reception to let us in into the festival grounds and played our set on the DSB Wildcard scene. Pics on Rasmuses Flickr– note the photos varied colour palette.
Twas brain boilingly hot!… Record spring temperatures in Copenhagen colluded with a wacky, but well-intentioned lighting guy, who was armed with about 15 spotlights pointed exactly at my head. I was dripping by the end of the concert, and our songs are not exactly high energy stuff.
threnody to melody at Vesterbro Festival


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1 Response to Atlastop at Vesterbro Festival audio

  1. Fia says:

    You guys where So good!
    Keep it up, and get used to the hot spots!

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