Danny Bass

My first electric guitar was a Danelectro that cost me 89GBP including shipment. I had it for a long time before I got an amp, which most guitarists would say is pretty essential for an electric guitar. But missing an amplifier was probably what got me so accustomed to it’s acoustic sound, so much so that I now prefer the Danelectro’s acoustic sound to the plugged in sound!

I’ve always thought about putting a piezo pickup in it in order to capture that great acoustic tone. This is what I spent this my evening doing (with a bit of soldering help from Jonas, Tak!). The fruits of this labour can be heard in the below improvisation. Recorded with lots of processing and an Ebow.

danelectro improv
The guitar has baritone strings for the low end, but standard E and A for the high, so that all the strings are wound.


New tuners had to be installed to carry the tension load…. and the neck has been made fretless.


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2 Responses to Danny Bass

  1. This is damn cool! I wish I played in a band with such a cool person that could make those kinds of elephantastic soundscapes 😉

    Have you tried with the violin bow?

  2. Martin says:

    Yeah… me too…

    Nope not tired the bow… can’t find my resin. But when I do… oh yes!

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