Bhajis Loops and Etymotic ER4s


Today on the train over to Copenhagen I got to play a bit more with the Bhajis Loops sequencer for Palm OS. Bought a 2nd hand Tungsten T3 exclusively to mess with Bhajis. This may seem a bit excessive, however the Tungsten cost 335Dkr (including delivery). So all in all pretty good value for money (read: Extremely good value for money! In case you didn’t catch the understatement)

What follows is a short track I made entirely with Bhajis.


Also in the above picture are my new Etymotic ER4s (the little blue bit in my ear). Very good. Isolation is fantastic, sound reproduction is top notch and the accessory bag has lots of little useful bits (had to use the slightly bigger ear buds, apparently my ear holes are bigger than normal). However they are NOT earbuds for moving about with. They have to be dug into the ear canals to reproduce the bass end properly, and as such they transmit a lot of low end rumbles through the earbud wires. Still great sound, if you’re not biking with them.

Now in the words of Oliver Gillet “Go eat ya Bhajis!”. I my own words “Stick that in ya iPhone and smoke it!” (Argh, you’re both reading this on your iPhones, arn’t you?!)

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2 Responses to Bhajis Loops and Etymotic ER4s

  1. Sounds really great. More of that.

    Can’t wait to try the BeatMaker on my iPhone, which is also where I’m reading your post….hahhah!

  2. Haukur says:

    Great post bro. Problem is my iphone can’t play flash. Can you post a direct link to the mp3?

    I bought BeatMaker but only had 10 minutes with it yet. Impressingly responsive.

    Smell ya later.

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