Atlastop recording with Ampels equipment

Last night Jonas forgot his bass at home and had to borrow one from our sister band Ampel (sister band=bands you share a rehearsal room with). After playing for about an hour we grew restless and tired and bored… not really a good sign when rehearsing ones own music. But anyway, Rasmus started messing about with a cheap toy microphone also found in Ampels equipment box…. and then suggested that we record a song using only other peoples equipment.
This is what we improvised with Ableton Live. SongWithAmpelsEquipment

If you want to hear the equipment played in a live setting you can go here on the 6th of sept. Though it will be the actual owners of the equipment that are playing on that occasion. If you do go, don’t tell Ampel we borrowed their equipment…. we have yet to ask them =)

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2 Responses to Atlastop recording with Ampels equipment

  1. Peter L. says:

    Sig mig, er det ogsaa vores fisk?

    Og til en anden gang; det er i orden I laaner vores instrumenter, men lad lige vaere med at spille bedre paa dem end vi selv goer, okay?

    Ses vi d. 6.?


  2. Martin says:

    Fisk!…. hentyder du til Rasmuses percussion på containeren ude for lokalen?

    Kan nok ikke nå ud til den 6… sidder i Malmø for øjeblikket. Men i må have en hyggelig en.

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