Yet another amblin track

Got the new Ableton Live… version 8. And it’s very nicely done. The Suite is great, and the best feature for me is the zoomable interface, since it makes using my touchscreen mucho mucho easier.
Some volume automation things that are a bit wonky, but they’ll sort that out in short order.

So I spent the afternoon combining and mixing odd bits and bobs from my personal sample library. This is what popped out.


The new efx and Collision are very nice and musical. Used them all on the track.

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6 Responses to Yet another amblin track

  1. Rasmoose says:

    Holy cow! This sounds nice! Is it Grizzly Bear? Is it Colleen? No, it’s M art in da house.

    I’d love to collaborate on this! I counting the days until the ableton share moderator has MANUALLY set up my sharing feature…..

  2. Haukur says:

    Excellent Martin.

    Is that your guitar or Collision playing the lead melody?

  3. Martin says:

    The start rhythm is a guitar through Corpus, and Audio Damage Recombinat…. and the bamboo marimba is the Collision with some home made samples.

  4. Andrew says:

    Very nice track!

  5. Martin says:

    Thanks Andrew. I like the twit a sound project. Great idea. Gotta try it out when i get my macbooks psu back from repair. Wire melted off the damn thing!
    The above track is also available on a CC license at Abletons share site…. See next post

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