Knock knock knocking on heavens bass

I once had a bass with active pickups. A Washburn. One of those with that Buzz Feiten tuning system. Sold it to Haukur for cheap,… so that he’d join my band and play bass.
But I digress. The nice thing about this bass was the fact that you could play it by simply knocking on the wood. That would activate the strings enough to produce a rather pleasant overtone harmonic pad type sound. This was probably due in large part to the active pickups.

I miss that sound…. and I can’t get it on my new Squier vintage modified J-bass (strangely enough, coz it’s only half the price of the warwick). So I went swimming round the intertubes for a good active replacement for the J-bass. Of course that quickly became a no go, since sticking a battery compartment and preamp into a J-bass involves work on a router,… something which I have zero experience with.

Instead I found these pickups…. q-tuners based on neodymium magnets, which are quite powerful magnets. They have a much higher output and they reproduce a much fuller range of audio frequencies from the strings. Hopefully I’ll be making chordal sub pads in no time.

Yes, I kept the old duncan neck pickup… coz I’m pervese that way. I like to combine the new with the old, shiney with the crusty, crap with the crystal. (and yes, the duncan now subjectively makes as much noise as an ancient neon filament!)

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2 Responses to Knock knock knocking on heavens bass

  1. Haukur says:

    You keep knocking!

    I’d like to hear some sound samples when you are done installing the magnets. Perhaps before and after.

  2. Martin says:

    We’ve actually just been in the studio recording bass with this pickup…. it really just sounds like a bass, but with more treble. Kinda underwhelming

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