Don't forget to DIY: Spring reverb Epiphone semi-acoustic

Recently I swapped my Rode NT-1 mic for a friends Epiphone hollow body electric (thx Leo). It’s particularly nice for bowing, since the bridge is raised and the soundboard is a little arched.

Been wanting to try out a modification similar to this acoustic reverb for an electric. (dig the ’80 french ad style)

What I’m gonna do is shove lots of springs inside the Epiphone guitar, in order to create the same acoustic reverb effect. Acoustic reverb on an electric guitar… love the mismatch!
I still got a couple of piezo pickups, which will be wired to be the tone controls. So they will control the ‘wet’ balance of the spring reverb. The aim is of course the massivly, glacially soaked Sigur Ros sound. Alas, I think that just requires more talent (or an AMS-16, either one is good).

Will post pics of mod, whenever I get to it 🙂

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2 Responses to Don't forget to DIY: Spring reverb Epiphone semi-acoustic

  1. I have had a few electric guitars with Strat-style tremolos, where the springs holding the tremolo in place act as very peaky reverbs. I always thought it might be cool to route out a longer area for the tremolo springs, and put some really long springs in there, then put a pickup on the springs.

    Another good trick: remove the plastic that covers the springs on the back of the guitar, then use your pick to make nice sproingy noises.

    I think Sigur Ros uses the Boss RV-2 pedal on the guitars, and the AMS-16 on vocals. This is, of course, because they haven’t heard Eos yet. 😉

  2. Martin says:

    That’s exactly my plan for this Epiphone. Get a couple of accutronic springs and see if they fit in the body. Dunno whether the body of the guitar would excite the springs enough though? Well see…. first problem is opening up the Epi without wreaking it completely.

    Good idea with the springs on the guitar. I gotta try out that out with my Line6 Variax, see how those guitar models respond to that kinda hack.

    Main reason I bought the Eos was, because it had that huge Lexicon/TC/AMS sound that I heard from Sigur Ros. Even tried out that Bricasti at a friends studio. Just didn’t really have same that lush/crazy modulation as the Eos (it had other things going for it though!). Maybe I just didn’t get far enough into programming it, but still the Eos has that intuitive interface. Think it’s the best one from AD yet.

    Sigur Ros have that studio in a pool as well… so they’re pretty much covered in the reverb department.


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