3D Video Experiment no. 1

Last week I received this little package from Hong Kong:

Package from Hong Kong

Interested in what was inside?! Well, I was, but off course I had some ideas.  To be honest I knew it was a 3D lens for my Nikon DSLR. More specific it was a Loreo 3d Lens in a cap.

With his new hat on my Nikon looked like this:

Nikon D90 with Loreo 3d lense

Ok, lots of snow has been descended slowly the last couple of days here in Nopenhagen, so there was no better opportunity than to go out an play with the beast. Here’s the result:


Tunes in this video is a tiny audio doodle i did in ableton live using the operator synth and the suppatrigga plugin.

To view it in 3D you either have to…

  1. Use your super power eye skills and cross eye technique. I simply cannot do this, but you might be more batmanish than me…
  2. Go fetch a pair of 3D glasses that can be used with side-by-side 3D images. I use the Loreo 3D pixi viewer, and it works like a charm on the computer screen. As a side note the CD album cover of the Tool album 10,000 days can also be used.

Ok, to be honest the quality of the pictures and movies is not even close to the images and movies taken with the Nikon lense. But hey, the 3D lense is rather cheap AND the 3D effect is amazing.

What has all this to do with atlastop?! Yes, yeah and yearh: Soon we atlastop will do a live recording with stereoscopic 3D video footage and binaural sound!!!

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4 Responses to 3D Video Experiment no. 1

  1. Martin says:

    Great that the Tool album – 10,000 Days cover also works for 3D viewing…. Now if I actually bought CDs anymore instead of iTunes, I’d definetly get that.

    Seems that the 1 camera approach is much better. The problems with sync kinda ruined the last 3D videos from the TjiliPop concert.

  2. Haukur says:

    This is nice. You should try turning it into an anaglyph video.

  3. Haukur says:

    I’ve been meaning to get that lens for some time, I thought they canceled it or something?

  4. Rasmus says:

    Yes they cancelled the digital model. But they redesigned the analog model, so it now works with digital slr’s (http://www.loreo.com/pages/products/loreo_3dcap.html)

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