The UFO is landing

Yesterday I received a little old audio toy bought from ebay: The Radio Shack Electronic Reverb Control.

It’s not really a reverb, but an analog delay from start 90’s (I guess). The sound is dubtastic and lo-fi! Here’s the first sound doodle:


…and here’s the second test:


The tracks are recorded by plugging the Danelectro guitar directly in the Radio Shack. The MICROPHONE amp is turned down and the three other parameters (DELAY, REPEAT, DEPTH) are turned all the way up for the effects to be maximized. While playing the guitar I fiddle with the DELAY parameter, which adjusts the delay time.

Most people circuit bent these devices, for exaggerating the feedback and for other noise effects. Well, I think that would be a pity, since it sounds great and distict without circuit bending!

Actually Audio Damage has made a simulation of the devices called RatShack. It cost 39.99 us dollars.  I paid exactly 27 us dollars (thats inclusive shipment cost), so here’s a strange case where the simulation is actually more expensive than the vintage gear!

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1 Response to The UFO is landing

  1. Martin says:

    I’m likin it… quite funny that the Audio Damage plugin costs more than the original unit (including shipping!)

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