Fleamarket Organ and Rhythm-machine

A few summers ago I was up at my parents summerhouse in northern Zealand in Denmark. At the local fleamarket I stumbled across a nicely beaten up organ with a auto-accompaniment rhythm-machine.

100dkr and a sore back later… Voila-

I have no idea who the manufacturer is… The organ itself is an Antilope A-205 and is very flat sounding. But the built in beats are nicely crunchy from the built in speaker (especially when ‘re-amped’ through an iPhone, which is being waved through the air to create a slightly flanged/filtered feel).
rhytem machine beats faster tempoes
simple rock
slow rock
Feel free to download and use the samples. They’re CC- Attribution. Happy new years!

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1 Response to Fleamarket Organ and Rhythm-machine

  1. Rasmus says:

    Cool with the natural flanging!

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