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This is the sound of a band who´s harddisc just broke down. Experiment with a bassguitar, a Radioshack Reverb and rasmus´brand new Foxy Fuzz. Dialog! Advertisements

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Most of the time whenever I throw a single sample on a track and pile on the random vst plugin effects…. silly stuff comes out. And this is no exception. nosegrinder But it does have it’s charm. It would be … Continue reading

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Yamaha VSS30 sampling keyboard

Been looking for one of these for a long time. In fact ever since the Sigur Ros interview in Soundonsound. I’ve have scoured fleamarkets in Denmark, and checking the second-hand websites yielded nada. It’s not the type of item that … Continue reading

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Red sound treatment

I just got these on ‘extended’ loan from a friend, thanks Morten. Who bought them directly from the manufacturer. They are surplus stock, which was built for the Red Studio 4 in DR Byen where I spend most of my … Continue reading

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Synaesthesia 003 on Music of Sound Blog

I’ve been an avid reader of the blog Music of Sound. It’s just the right combination of audio gear, art and informed opinion (of an experienced film sound editor no less). Recently the author, Tim Prebble, has begun a series … Continue reading

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Happy new year!

Here is an interesting view on The Loudness Wars and use of compressors.

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