Red sound treatment

I just got these on ‘extended’ loan from a friend, thanks Morten. Who bought them directly from the manufacturer. They are surplus stock, which was built for the Red Studio 4 in DR Byen where I spend most of my daylight hours.
Can’t wait to set them up in my home studio,… then finally everything I mix will just come up like pearls and champagne bubbles!

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3 Responses to Red sound treatment

  1. Haukur says:

    Red hot groovy audio panels. I expect nothing less then a chart hit from you young man.

  2. Martin says:

    Yeah, they’re pretty groovy. Gonna be nice to have acoustic treatment that, for once, isn’t totally DIY. Nothing wrong with DIY, it’s just when I do it,…often winds up looking a bit shabby.

    Yes… chart topping hit here we come. Oh hoho Hawk, you’re just sooo naughties retro.

  3. Martin says:

    Charts! Those were something that happened back then right?

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