Yamaha VSS30 sampling keyboard

Been looking for one of these for a long time. In fact ever since the Sigur Ros interview in Soundonsound. I’ve have scoured fleamarkets in Denmark, and checking the second-hand websites yielded nada. It’s not the type of item that one finds in the dark parts of scandinavia. So….

Ebay to the rescue!

I love the crunchy sound and the immediacy of editing. However,… one thing that bugs me is the lag between pressing the Sample Record button and the actual recording. Worst of all – this lag is always different, so it’s impossible to time when you actually sample. The end result is that you can’t record rhythmic sounds or noises with any form of attack. Then again there is plenty sustained type sounds to sample. So I guess this is all part of the VSS-30’s charm. Speaking of charm… the arpeggiator is surprisingly useful and exactly the sort of instant fun that I was looking for.

On a side note. I threw out the box that the unit came in (see pic)…. even though it was dilligently stored by the previous owner, which meant that it was at least 10 years old!. I used to store all my music gear boxes… just in case I wanted to “sell it later”. But recently I’ve been thinking “hey, commit to your gear – learn how to use what you have”…. by the way I’ve got a Kyma Capybara 320 for sale.

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2 Responses to Yamaha VSS30 sampling keyboard

  1. Jakub says:

    Hey there,

    I’ve noticed that you have a Kyma/Capybara 320 system for sale. Is that still available. If it is then I’d be very interested in buying it. Let me know.


    • Martin says:

      Hej Jakub,

      The kyma capybara was for sale. But I’ve changed my mind…. and decided to keep it.

      (unless you have a Moog Voyager you wanna swap – and live in Denmark/Sweden?)

      thanks for your interest,

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