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Another Long Wave Goodbye

So I sat down to do ‘my version of a pop song’, since Raz laid down the gauntlet. It went completely wrong for me. I started by listening to radio in the car on my way home. Already here I … Continue reading

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Arp This!

This is why I love ableton! Feeling particularly happy last sunday I sat on the couch for two hours and messed around in ableton, mostly the arpeggiator in conjunction with analog – and still some reasonable interesting tune came out … Continue reading

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Breaking software the right way

I’ve been experimenting with various DAW’s and VST plugins, trying to make some sort of ‘beautiful accident’. None of that worked of course, I just wind up with lots of red meters, but the other day I was reading a … Continue reading

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Growing up and backing up

Right, after the fright of the previous post, I’ve decided to implement a proper backup strategy! Like a real, responsible grown up… who doesn’t want to lose all his recorded material from the last 10 years. (Warning- this post won’t … Continue reading

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