Growing up and backing up

Right, after the fright of the previous post, I’ve decided to implement a proper backup strategy! Like a real, responsible grown up… who doesn’t want to lose all his recorded material from the last 10 years. (Warning- this post won’t be music related in the slightest… just some good old geekin out).

I’m going for a triple whammy.

  • RAID 1 setup on my 4 hard drives, where two drives are mirrored. A nice RAID 1 setup article on LifeHacker
  • Just got a 1 terabyte(!) disk from Seagate, only gonna use it to backup using the Win7 backup utility.
    Finally Haukur recommended BackBlaze online backup for 5usd per month. I’ve already run it on my Macbook and it works much more seamlessly than both Mozy and Carbonite.
  • Happily reunited with the Atlastop band disk, it is now synchronised using the SyncBack freeware program … onto a folder on my PC (which in turn is backed up in triplicate).
  • NOW BITE ME U EVIL BIT MONSTER DEMON SKRUNTER! (øh, maybe I shouldn’t anger the information bishnu just yet, still gotta go through my scrapyard of dvd’s and external disks, or or maybe just throw them all out?!)

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