Breaking software the right way

I’ve been experimenting with various DAW’s and VST plugins, trying to make some sort of ‘beautiful accident’.

None of that worked of course, I just wind up with lots of red meters, but the other day I was reading a typical music gear post on twitter which boasted of the number of reverbs some guy could run on his new Intel i7 DAW. So naturally I simply had to find out how many I could run. Silly really… however, suddenly a great sound emerged.

Generated entirely by Ableton Live pushing about 80 copies of Audio Damages Eos’ (Eoses? Eosi?) reverbs in series. There is no input.
(note- I also tried this with Reaper and about 120 duplicates of Breverb and nothing happened!… might be the fact that it was the 64bit version of Reaper)

In conclusion – anything can break the right way…. or at least in a musical way. Put it yet another way… yes, even CPUs sound great at 11.

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1 Response to Breaking software the right way

  1. Rasmus says:

    Sounds meditative. And great a non sound generative plugin can actually make a sound! Would you dare 200 delays?

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