Arp This!

This is why I love ableton! Feeling particularly happy last sunday I sat on the couch for two hours and messed around in ableton, mostly the arpeggiator in conjunction with analog – and still some reasonable interesting tune came out (at least cathing some kind of naive mood):

Arp Boy

No keyboard, no controllers, simply a laptop, ableton, headphones and some cozy mood. The funny drum beat is a loop from the ACE TONE FR-2L with the Rhumba setting. The boogie sample is from my own sampled “seventies disco vinyl” sample library. As another funny side note the analog setting is simply the default “no setting” setting. One more thing is that I turned quantisation OFF, trying to make it more groovy….and sloppy. I guess that also explains the badly arranged breaks…

Lately I have been thinking a bit on how “my version” of a pop song might sound. I think this little sketch is one of the stones in that pavement. How would “your version” of a pop song sound? (challenge, hep-hey!)

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2 Responses to Arp This!

  1. Martin says:

    Joyous mood. I like the ‘childrens chorus’ sample… It’s a good outcome from a simple starting point. What is ‘my version of a pop song’…. but honestly I think that the concept is itself an impossobility. Pop as a genre is defined by what others, and how many others like it. So having an individual pop song is a paradox.

    But hey, if it gets ya juices flowing, then by all means milk it!

  2. Rasmus says:

    Pop songs as a genre is one big paradox. But here I think of “pop songs” as music that ordinary people hypothetically might enjoy….and then you say “define ordinary people”. GOSH….

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