Another Long Wave Goodbye

So I sat down to do ‘my version of a pop song’, since Raz laid down the gauntlet. It went completely wrong for me.

I started by listening to radio in the car on my way home. Already here I should have seen it coming. Skip to the end…. I wound up feeling a bit nauseous, disliking the world and generally feeling a bit half-hearted/arsed.

So when I finally made it to my computer, I simply wound up doing a one take improvisation using my voice, my ukulele, and Gleetchlab 3. Which is a good thing too since it helped me feel a lot better about things.

Anyway, an incidental by product was this piece of ambient music, clocking in at a little over 15 min.

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1 Response to Another Long Wave Goodbye

  1. Rasmus says:

    Haha, I knew this pop song challenge thing would invoke some traumas! Just like shurt circuiting the great HAL. Dead locks and infinite loops. I might have found the hardest challenge over them all here!

    Nice drone by the way! I think I will go to sleep with it in my ears…

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