Kalimba in a staircase harmonic reverb impulse

Some of the largest drums sounds ever were apparently recorded in a stairwell. See Bonham, John of Led Zep playing When the Levee Breaks

So naturally we had to sample the impulse response of the stairwell outside the studio we’ve been recording…. using a kalimba. These samples were actually recorded to make a samples set to play a melody part in Little Monsters Lullaby.

IR kalimba staircase

Now normally IRs are sinus sweeps, noise bursts or even just loud hand claps (but these only give you a flavour of the acoustic space). Here I’ve mixed all the tones of my kalimba together, making a harmonic type reverb.

To use the IR I’d recommend SIR1 for PC and for Mac there is the built in convolution reverb in Reaper

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