Remember to stretch

Been listening to the ambient compositions over at a blog called Ambienteer. I’ve been wanting to try out a technique that he has used… grab some melodic audio and time stretch it to an extreme….

I used the great Paul Stretch software and here is the result-
Long Lanetto Too

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2 Responses to Remember to stretch

  1. Rasmus says:

    This is wündershcön. And now I’d like to go to Nepal 😉

  2. Martin says:

    Thanks… Paul Stretch… a great little piece of freeware… for PC 🙂 … essential to have both Mac and PC.

    With regards to the mp3, I like how the organ sound becomes the background ‘strings’. But the vocal inflections become way too exaggerated. Short vibrato, become long out of tune sections…. which ruins things for me.

    But it’s fun to timestretch things to an extreme… like reversing a sample. You never know quite how it will turn out.

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