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The Hunting Lodge Gee, is it really one and a half year since we played this re-interpretation of that Danish childrens song in the hunting lodge? I still think it was kinda magical, as the sunbeam exactly illuminated us and no one … Continue reading

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Voxengo MSED setup in Reaper for fun with the sides of the middles

The freeware plugin Voxengo MSED is a great way to add audio processing on just to the the sides of a stereo signal, or compress the middle, while leaving the sides untouched. In the tradition of nearly all freeware, Voxengo … Continue reading

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LSDJ on Game Boy

I recently found my girlfriends old Game Boy in a box in the basement. It’s in great condition despite the fact that it was made 20 years ago. These old 8-bit wonders were really built to last. I bought a … Continue reading

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Arp this remix

Here’s my version of a remix. I simply time-stretched an entire song that Rasmus did a while ago… but using variable time-stretching. I turned, yet again, to the excellent Paul Stretch, which I just discovered has a drawable envelope that … Continue reading

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Got an hour to spare?… sure you do

So what about getting a warm beverage (green tea or espresso), eating some pie and taking a power nap to this hour long composition? Ceilings, Floors, Windows and Doors

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Doors, Windows, Roofs and Floors

Here’s an ambient, Philip Glass type experiment that I cooked up last sunday, using the 64bit version of Reaper and the 64bit version of Kontakt. The 64bit versions are a great boon for using large sample libraries. In fact I … Continue reading

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