Doors, Windows, Roofs and Floors

Here’s an ambient, Philip Glass type experiment that I cooked up last sunday, using the 64bit version of Reaper and the 64bit version of Kontakt. The 64bit versions are a great boon for using large sample libraries.
In fact I started this experiment by sitting down and seeing how many large sample libraries I could load up.
Some samples came off the net, some are from the Native Instruments libraries, quite a few are from the excellent folks at Sonic Couture.

Then, as I am wont do, I dumped copious amounts of vst plugins onto the outputs of Kontakt.
Mostly Audio Damages plugins… but also lots of cool freeware VST plugins that I’ve scrounged from the net. Only the best, most stable plugins – which also have a unique sonic characteristic ūüôā

One of the most useful functions in Reaper for my particular workflow is the ‘Save Live Output to Disk’.
That way Reaper records everything that it spits out. Remember to uncheck the ‘Save output only while playing or recording’.

This way I can start and stop playback in Reaper, yet still record the leftover maths that is in the various buffers. I really like hearing this debris of numbers that have to unfold themselves, especially since I can continue to mess with the plugins’ settings and have some ‘bull by the horns’ kinda control over the outcome.

The result was 15 minutes of audio, which I cut down to the choicest bits and came up with 2min 44sec
doors, windows, roof and floors

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