LSDJ on Game Boy

I recently found my girlfriends old Game Boy in a box in the basement. It’s in great condition despite the fact that it was made 20 years ago. These old 8-bit wonders were really built to last. I bought a rom image of the music making software LSDJ from the developer and then bought a cartridge from Nonfinite Electronics who also flashed it with the software.




LSDJ running on Game Boy

LSDJ running on Game Boy

Here is a short disturbing tune I made in the first hour of playing with it. I just made a few patterns and recorded it DI in LSDJ’s very nice “Live” mode while tweaking the synths and the noise generator.


This new found couch friendly device is gonna add a nice color to future work. I must say I don’t intend to get on the Chip tune train although some of that stuff is very good like this remix from little-scale.

Now off to rest my eyes after peering at a non-backlit screen for to long.

UPDATE: Here is an Ableton Live set containing the loops.

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8 Responses to LSDJ on Game Boy

  1. Martin says:

    Damn nice… The gameboy really has a rich sound, be perfect for subtractive synthesis… Be great to see how this would sound through the MoogeeFooger Murf.
    In fact maybe i will throw it through the ms10, phaser and ring mod 🙂

  2. Haukur says:

    Yes, do that. I’ll post a Live set with the channels separated tonight.

  3. Rasmus says:

    This is so cool I must wet my pants!

    Great to have a real 8bit sequencer in the repetoire! Me love.

  4. Martin says:

    @haukur I’m sure you’ve seen this backlight mod for the Game Boy?

  5. Haukur says:

    I have one of those bulky external lights but can’t find the lid for the battery container.

  6. Haukur says:

    The Live set is up now.

  7. Martin says:

    very good… did you arrange the track in Ableton? I thought it was all done on LSDJ

  8. Haukur says:

    I arranged the whole thing in LSDJ, just re-recorded it in Live for you to play with.

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