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Voices still reaching for middle of the years

muffled voices not yet reaching for reason Advertisements

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A tribute to the Doors – In my house

There’s an interesting collective sampling project going on over at the Music of Sound blog. They are crowd sourcing samples of doors. It’s gonna be quite extensive, more than 1000 sample. So I’ve signed on, but never quite heard back. … Continue reading

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Local news predicts collapsing horizons

I seem to record this song whenever the family travels out of town without me. local news predicts collapsing horizons Done with stretched and effected Guzheng

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Martins home studio

Found this really useful multimonitor utility for Win XP… then I found out that Win7 has all this built in I really enjoy wacking out beatz on the Akai LPD8… been trying to get instant mapping to work in Ableton … Continue reading

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Bogdon Box Bass sample set

Need that boxy bass sound? What about a complete sample-set of the Bogdon Box Bass that I built a while ago? 🙂 The tone is halfway between a contrabass and a bucket bass, which we also sometimes use to record. … Continue reading

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Wavosaur 4 tips

The excellent freeware audio editor, Wavosaur, has pretty much replaced Wavelab for my needs. However its manual is a bit lacking (in fact I can only find a quick start guide), so there are a few features and working methods … Continue reading

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