Wavosaur 4 tips

The excellent freeware audio editor, Wavosaur, has pretty much replaced Wavelab for my needs. However its manual is a bit lacking (in fact I can only find a quick start guide), so there are a few features and working methods that quite useful.

1. Edit the left-side or the right-side of a stereo file. Right-click on the db scale to the left and choose ‘select’ or ‘deselect’ from the context menu. Now any vst processing will apply only to that side. (note- there is also Multi-channel! But it’s not that useful)

2. Auto detect regions from impulses and scramble for instant beat mangling. Tools->Slicing/Region->Auto Slice Region and again go to Tools->Slicing/Region-Scramble Region.

3. Batch processor with VST Chain (Wavosaur uses the current VST Chain)

4. Create Marker with ‘M’… even while playing. Okay this one is obvious, but still it’s a huge boon for quick selection. Especially since you can go to File->Export->Export All Regions

Go get Waveosaur

And finally download the lame_enc, (unzip) and place it in the same folder as Wavosaur and your File->Export->Export As Mp3 menu will work!

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