Martins home studio

Found this really useful multimonitor utility for Win XP… then I found out that Win7 has all this built in

I really enjoy wacking out beatz on the Akai LPD8… been trying to get instant mapping to work in Ableton using these scripts, but I’ve not had any success … yet!

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3 Responses to Martins home studio

  1. Rune-Hammer says:


    Those cube speakers on top of the monitors look pretty home made, are they too used for monitoring purposes, if so what kind of drivers are you using?

    Nice blog BTW

    • Martin says:

      Hi Rune,

      The cream speakers are Avantones

      They have zero top end and no bass extention either. However the mid range is brutally flat… And if a mix sounds even on these, it’ll sound pretty good on most other speakers.

      The avantones are basically good grot boxes. I use a NAD C3020i to drive them… Jonas in the band literally found it in the garbage, amazing what people throw out!


  2. Rune-Hammer says:


    Yeah, i kind of thought that they would be some kind of auratone knock-off, but i was hoping that you would have built your own pair using some generic fullrange drivers, because that’s what i’m planning to do. But i guess that buying a finished pair would be the best and probably the cheapest alternative in the end anyway 🙂

    Oh yes found stuff is the best!

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