Guzheng take a bow

I’m off on holiday, but for those of you still working hard, I made a samples set of my guzheng, played with a bow. Yes, yes… Sonic Couture have already made an excellent Guzheng sample library. In fact Rasmus bought it after he messed about with my Guzheng and has made several nice bits of music with it, which may pop up on this blog sometime in the future… if we all just poke him enough times.

This sample set is kinda different… comprised of short staccato bows with looped layers of gentle mallet playing. Therefore this is of course not a realistic Guzheng sample library (for that, get the Sonic Couture). On the other hand, the samples below have a little more sass and if you have Kontakt, you could always extract whatever samples tickle your funny bones.

Enjoy some samples of a Guzheng played the Atlastop way (right click to download…. warning it’s 154mb!)

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