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Mastering at Audioplanet

Happy me at the mastering studio Jonas og Morten Mastering Engineer Morten Bue Ras and Jonas listening intensely… upwards Advertisements

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Garden Brass

Last sunday there was a brass band playing in our neighbouring garden, mostly old salvation army songs. Here’s a snippet I captured and slowed down by a factor of 10… makes for a nice ambient track. This will probably be … Continue reading

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Travelling gear/mini-studio

This summer holiday I took some essential travel gear. Zoom H4, Yamaha Guitarlele and my iPhone 3G. I really wish that the iPhone could use the Zoom as an audio interface… but alas the usb connection kit only works with … Continue reading

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Ode To Småland

OdeToSmaaland Around the forrest cabin in Småland I made a number of field recordings with the handheld recorder. Percussion samples of objects not intended as percussion instruments, such as wood, firewood, old rusten barrels, lake (YES! It is possible to … Continue reading

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Some tones with lots of reverb and distortion, and a spinkling of beats

Just a product of last weeks late nights/early mornings of jet lag…. using a freeware moog synth called ASynth, the demo of the Aether reverb by Galbanum and some distortion from good old Audio Damage. Arranged and mixed in Ableton. … Continue reading

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When the forest yells back

ForrestReverbTest Spending 2 weeks in a swedish 1860 lodge out in the woods in Småland constantly reminded me of the lack of the background noise of the city. There’s quite another kind of ambience in the woods. Each tree and … Continue reading

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