Ode To Småland


Around the forrest cabin in Småland I made a number of field recordings with the handheld recorder. Percussion samples of objects not intended as percussion instruments, such as wood, firewood, old rusten barrels, lake (YES! It is possible to play percussion on a lake, just try it!), wood claps etc. Later I turned these into drum racks in ableton and started building a rhythm only using these sounds. Martin inspired me to make the clips in ableton with different lenghts and not following the bar lenght:

The effect is that fairly simple rhytmic patterns are creating a quite complex rhythm when playing together. Of course I added the Forest Reverb from this post.

If you like this kind of playing percussion on “non-percussion” instruments you should check this out:

Jeep Techno on YouTube

Next exercise must be to sample tones from field recordings and create a piece of music with that….Coming up!

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3 Responses to Ode To Småland

  1. Martin says:

    Really nice… good progression from a natural sound to a more glitchy digitised tone. And the photo collage creates the mood.

    You gonna share the Ableton Live set?

  2. Esben says:

    I really enjoyed this. Sweden is amazing! Thanks!

    • Martin says:

      Småland is lovely…

      More of Ramuses beats and production ón the coming album 🙂 As well as some massively awesome banjo soloing!

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