Tape Experiment

This song was recorded and mixed this monday, never using more than four tracks of tape, at the same time. The goal was to see how this technical limitation (in some way comparable to mid 60's Abbey Road conditions), would affect the recording process and making of music.

At first, strings was redorded onto two tracks, and the drums was overdubbed to the next (final) two. Then mixed down to two tracks, complete with fx and level changes.

Then vocal, and tape delay made with another tape recorder, that was started manually, just a split second after the main tape machine.

A korean harp like this, was added on the last track.

And finally a mixdown, complete with levels, fx and fade out at the ending.

This has been really fun and inspiring. It gave me a sense of actually performing a real craft, and the limitations meant we had to focus on what the music needed, and what was needless fillings.

The music is written and sung by Anna Mose – Check out her band here.

White Lake Version No. 1 Listen on Posterous


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