Cassette tape loop, now with musically useful info

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Just recently I made a cassette tape loop and I wanted to share some
musically useful that I learned in the process..
A loop that simply goes once around the cassette is 24 cm (but
remember 2 mm for the overlap). At the normal tape speed there is
approx 2 bars of 4/4 time at 100bpm to play with.

Best bit of advice on the actual tape cu
t I
found was on the 12k music label  forum by Marcus
Fiches aka. mapmap . In summary- 1 slanted
and 1 straight cut. Keep sticky tape on the opposite side of the
cassette play head.

I found that the metal type tape is easier to handle… but it also
has more audible ‘cut’ sound during playback. The normal type tape has
a smoother cut during playback, but is a pain to cut and stick
together again.

I wrote some music at 100bpm and recorded a long loop onto the tape
before I cut and spliced it. This is what it mostly sounded like on
the tape. I edited it a bit..

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