Instagrambient – A bursting yellow heart landed in the collapsible forest

Here is the photo I took

a brief description of the equipment used
Tascam 424, Pearlcorder, 2 x DPA 4060, NetMD, Zoom H4, Kyma Capybara, Moogerfoogers, Reaper+lots of plugins, Xaphoon and Kalimba

how the music relates to Marcus Fishers' Instagram
The instagram photo I received was by Marcus Fisher. It was of a recognisable scene, a clearing in a forest, so I thought that a sense of place was essential to the music. It seemed natural to use binaural field recordings, which help to produce a very realistic stereo image, that situate the listener. Yet the colours in the photo are very much opposite from what normally appears, objects are both familiar and alien. Therefore I have manipulated the field recordings, but not so much as to lose their recognisability. Birds still sound like birds, they just behave weirdly.
In the photo the subject appears as an abstract yellow form, which added a quantity of the unknown. This is represented in the morphed voices in the music, words are spoken, but nothing is understood.
Though post processing was extensive, eg. re-recording sound onto cassette tape and dictaphones. The lofi aesthetic isn't just the analog 70's vibe, Nearly all Instagram photos also have a lot of digital artifacts. This is why I have added quite a few layers of sounds with aliasing and bit reduction. For me Instagram is the joy of noise, as a form of nostalgia.

The photo shows a snippet of time, of a specific event happening, the music is what I imagine to be the foley track.

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