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Local news predicts collapsing horizons

I seem to record this song whenever the family travels out of town without me. local news predicts collapsing horizons Done with stretched and effected Guzheng Advertisements

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Doors, Windows, Roofs and Floors

Here’s an ambient, Philip Glass type experiment that I cooked up last sunday, using the 64bit version of Reaper and the 64bit version of Kontakt. The 64bit versions are a great boon for using large sample libraries. In fact I … Continue reading

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Another Long Wave Goodbye

So I sat down to do ‘my version of a pop song’, since Raz laid down the gauntlet. It went completely wrong for me. I started by listening to radio in the car on my way home. Already here I … Continue reading

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Arp This!

This is why I love ableton! Feeling particularly happy last sunday I sat on the couch for two hours and messed around in ableton, mostly the arpeggiator in conjunction with analog – and still some reasonable interesting tune came out … Continue reading

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Binaural soundscapades

2 person sonic expriment. Only 1 instrument each. Myself on contra and Tobias Wiklund on trumpet. Recorded binaually with a couple DPA’s and a Zoom H4… tastiest overdubs then thrown ‘aleatorically’ into protools. Best heard on headphones. KUV-projekt

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with absynth you may fretless

Just got the Native Instruments Komplete (which was on sale for owners of Kontakt). First thing to mess with – Absynth and it’s lovely new granular reverb type efx…. Here’s a bit of improvised, fretless danelectro going through it. fretAbsynth

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Atlastop recording with Ampels equipment

Last night Jonas forgot his bass at home and had to borrow one from our sister band Ampel (sister band=bands you share a rehearsal room with). After playing for about an hour we grew restless and tired and bored… not … Continue reading

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