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The Hunting Lodge Gee, is it really one and a half year since we played this re-interpretation of that Danish childrens song in the hunting lodge? I still think it was kinda magical, as the sunbeam exactly illuminated us and no one … Continue reading

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3D Video Experiment no. 1

Last week I received this little package from Hong Kong: Interested in what was inside?! Well, I was, but off course I had some ideas.  To be honest I knew it was a 3D lens for my Nikon DSLR. More … Continue reading

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Acid rain from neon grey clouds

Just re-discovered this video I did in my old apartment in Malmö, where I play a song that I’ve been working on for a while now….. well, anyway, the kitty said she liked it…. the bits she wasn’t snoozing through.

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Kalimbas like a rhodes

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Concert video from Tjilipop Cafe

Okay so the stereoscopic video sync is a little bit off,…. and the video could be a little brighter (and therefore less grainy). So here is a 3D video of the Atlastop gig at Tjilipop… If you are wondering what … Continue reading

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Gig at Bunkerpop

Atlastop just played our first gig as a 3-piece this weekend (Haukur had to pop out for a bit, something about a great job/girlfriend/apartment in Island, who cares). Played a gig with a full set list and there were even … Continue reading

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This Song embedded

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