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Breaking software the right way

I’ve been experimenting with various DAW’s and VST plugins, trying to make some sort of ‘beautiful accident’. None of that worked of course, I just wind up with lots of red meters, but the other day I was reading a … Continue reading

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This is the sound of a band who´s harddisc just broke down. Experiment with a bassguitar, a Radioshack Reverb and rasmus´brand new Foxy Fuzz. Dialog!

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The UFO is landing

Yesterday I received a little old audio toy bought from ebay: The Radio Shack Electronic Reverb Control. It’s not really a reverb, but an analog delay from start 90’s (I guess). The sound is dubtastic and lo-fi! Here’s the first … Continue reading

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Morph in kyma or reaper?

Here’s a weekend experiment that I did a while ago. It’s in the form of a question! It’s based on the sound of scraping a glass window scrape morphed into my voice. There are two version, one done in a … Continue reading

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Atlastop recording with Ampels equipment

Last night Jonas forgot his bass at home and had to borrow one from our sister band Ampel (sister band=bands you share a rehearsal room with). After playing for about an hour we grew restless and tired and bored… not … Continue reading

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Concert video from Tjilipop Cafe

Okay so the stereoscopic video sync is a little bit off,…. and the video could be a little brighter (and therefore less grainy). So here is a 3D video of the Atlastop gig at Tjilipop… If you are wondering what … Continue reading

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If i am a bug you are a bird

Something that I added to a piece of music by Rasmus if a is to b as c is to a

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