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Garden Brass

Last sunday there was a brass band playing in our neighbouring garden, mostly old salvation army songs. Here’s a snippet I captured and slowed down by a factor of 10… makes for a nice ambient track. This will probably be … Continue reading

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Remember to stretch

Been listening to the ambient compositions over at a blog called Ambienteer. I’ve been wanting to try out a technique that he has used… grab some melodic audio and time stretch it to an extreme…. I used the great Paul … Continue reading

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Another Long Wave Goodbye

So I sat down to do ‘my version of a pop song’, since Raz laid down the gauntlet. It went completely wrong for me. I started by listening to radio in the car on my way home. Already here I … Continue reading

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Breaking software the right way

I’ve been experimenting with various DAW’s and VST plugins, trying to make some sort of ‘beautiful accident’. None of that worked of course, I just wind up with lots of red meters, but the other day I was reading a … Continue reading

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Synaesthesia 003 on Music of Sound Blog

I’ve been an avid reader of the blog Music of Sound. It’s just the right combination of audio gear, art and informed opinion (of an experienced film sound editor no less). Recently the author, Tim Prebble, has begun a series … Continue reading

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Couple of moogerfoogers

Just recieved a couple of moogerfoogers from the US. Its the beginning of the end for me. Modular gear wuhu!!! (can’t actually try them out yet since the power units are 110v… Yes its torture!!! Though they are nice to … Continue reading

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